First United Methodist Church of Mount Holly
Sunday, May 16, 2021
You belong. You matter. You are enough.
                We do not have to look outside our borders to find babies in desperate need of our help. Just imagine what it would be like to be out of money, have a newborn baby and have very little support. Other than a cotton top, a few diapers and a thin flannel receiving blanket, you have nothing to keep your baby warm. Imagine holding a four pound premature baby in your arms and wondering where to find extra small clothing to fit his fragile body. Imagine as you sit holding this tiny new life, a nurse or social worker walks up with a Newborn’s Immediate Needs Essentials Kit. Tucked inside are blankets, sleepers, diapers, hats, booties, baby wash and shampoo. These items are lovingly given by a nearby Newborns in Need Chapter.
                Newborns in Need, Inc. (NIN) is a 501(c) 3 charity organized to take care of needy babies. NIN volunteers provide care necessities to agencies and hospitals serving premature, ill or impoverished newborns. Newborns In Need distributes items free of charge to babies in the United States. Founded upon Christian principles of love and acceptance, ”NIN” has provided essential items without charge to those in need since 1992. 
                Chapters serve their own communities by contacting local agencies, hospitals and shelters and provide items wherever needed. Volunteers meet monthly to cut, sew, knit, crochet, pack and organize these care items. Made up of hand-made and store bought items, these donations are delivered each month to waiting recipients. 
                Here in New Jersey there is only one Essential Needs Chapter of NIN in Burlington County, founded in April, 2011 and one Diaper Bank Chapter in Union County founded in 2012. Although we are located in a specific area, we do not hesitate to cross the county boundaries to provide gift bags to those in need. Here in Burlington County we work closely with the Virtua Center for Women in Lumberton and Voorhees, Early Head Start  and Kids and Family who distribute our gift bags to their needy clients. Individuals may also request assistance privately. The monthly meeting in Burlington County is held at the First United Methodist Church of Mt. Holly, 25 Brainerd St. on the third Friday of the month from 1:00pm - 4:00 pm. Please send us an Email at the address below if you would like to be included on our monthly mailing list.
                 By providing these Newborns in Need with these necessary items, in the form of gifts, to see them through their first few weeks of life, we are contributing to the welfare of not only this baby, but his whole family. Babies do not choose the circumstances of their birth but they do deserve a safe place to sleep and clothing and blankets to keep them warm. This is our only goal.
Newborns in Need, Burlington County
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Chatsworth, NJ 08019