United Methodist Church Leaders

Methodist Church

Besides being the largest single religion in the world, the United Methodist Church is also the third largest denomination in the United States. There are any number of important components of this large fellowship that includes all members of these two denominations:

• The U Methodist Spiritual Ministry – The U Methodist Spiritual Ministry helps each congregation develop a unique program that incorporates prayer, evaluation of the Volunteer Vocations, and recognizing those in our community that are doing the best representing the values of our society.

• The U Methodist Worship Service – The U Methodist Worship Service offers a powerful blend of order and beauty, with prayer, music and a broad offering of the More of God.

• The U Methodist Complaint Resolution Service – The UPR service helps bring our faith to the forefront of life in our society so that non-believers and believers can experience a deeper level of communion.

These four main components make up a holistic approach that UMC leaders recognize as they continue to eclectically strive to fulfill the Great Commission: “Matthew 28:19-20,’ So go and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.’This reminds me of the early church in the area as they rushed to develop a follow unified program when the first revival broke out across the land. What was started previously in Acts 2:42-47 took years to conclude and included all peoples of the earth.

Through the corporate decisions of our membership, the U Methodist Church has been able to significantly impact the planet. Amazingly, data from a representative survey revealed that 98% of all UMC churches have been positively influenced by this one large denomination. The positive influence is felt, not just by members per church, but by the churches themselves and by other church divisions that they are connected to. These decisions result in a cost saving to the denomination, but there is also a result in the quality of life of the church members and believers. The U Methodist Spiritual and Worship Service has been thought of as a model within the church for many years now, and its elimination has been greatly missed in the development of the worldwide revival.

Through its strong brand, the U Methodist Church has been able to spread its congregational gospel all across the United States and well beyond, into many different parts of the world. There is a notable geographical draw of UMC churches, which is why you will find them concentrated primarily in the South and the East.

But you do not have to look far to find the U Methodist Church in all of its bold evangelistic imagery. Though the majority of our churches are located in the United States, we are proud to have served witness around the world. You can view the websites of many of our worldwide ministries online and we hope you will continue to research, find, and study our many excellent magazines and newspapers.

This is but a brief look at one of the many ways the U Methodist Church is spreading its gracious gospel all over the globe. Their efforts are substantiated by the fact that the U Methodist Church today is still thriving and expanding its fellowship. The vital work they do is undeniable and the fact that they are still thriving with strong evangelistic programs and programs bodes well for the future of the world united Methodist Church.