A Prayer is a Form of Prayer

Prayer is a Form of Prayer

Prayer turns on the fire of God within our souls. From a spiritual aspect, it is a form of communion, as we express our love for God by calling upon His name. When we sincerely pray for the purpose of others being raised up; for protection from disease, poverty, or whatever the problems of society, we are engaging in a form of prayer.

Meditation in holy places:

Throughout history, holy places were offered as places of solitude and secret prayer. Even the realm of the ancient Gods and Goddesses were the homes of the wise and ambitious. It is said that Aaron, the brother of Moses, acquiring the responsibility of building the Ark of the Covenant, spent a total night in the wilderness, before being re-united with his family and getting ready for the job.

The Bible relates that Moses performed constant puzzles and tasks, always working on what was needed at that time. From a philosophical perspective, the human brain is innately wicked, it secretly has skeletons in the walls of our skull linked to memory via ancient pathways. Those pathways are activated during our normal lives and left unchecked, causing problems to surface in the mind, which become physical problems.

When Jesus, the son of God, became a man, he performed miracles to demonstrate his power to the people. He healed, he rebuked the devil, and he cast out demons. He lived in constant prayer for the success of the mission of the Father. The people’s needs were his responsibility. Therefore, the poor and the crippled, he cared for with meals and grants, but among the general masses, he was the “fearful one” who struck out. He was rejected by the Pharisees, the religious leaders of his day. For them, he was a blasphemer, a man of the night, evil and foreign.

Prayer is a personal conversation with the almighty God, He who is unseen and incapable of being seen. It is a personal talk, with God, personally. Prayer is an evaluation of one’s life as if God is sitting far away.

A two-part prayer:

  1. Prayer is important to an individual, so that it may be effective in keeping his mind and body renewed.

2. Though individual needs must be met, we pray for those things that affect the masses, the whole community.

A three-part prayer:

  1. As a family we determine the particular need, prayer is personal, not a group effort.

2. The need is for the many, so that all may be joined to him.

3. We pray for the rest of the human family, that all may be saved.

A four-part prayer:

  1. Prayer is a special influence, that family prayer may be successful.
  2. The praise and worship brought before the throne of God by angels, Christ and the Holy Spirit, influences our consciousness, bringing the assurance of the Lord to our hearts.
  3. Also, the family members may be given the opportunity to give to one another, as God wills.
  4. That the work of Jesus may be manifest in the world, through the written word of God, the hearts of mankind may find peace and love.

A five-part prayer:

  1. Prayer is a privilege for those who choose to pray.
  2. God may send an angel to help us.
  3. Angels do not violate our free will.
  4. God may send other angels to help in times of need.
  5. We may receive answers to our prayers.

Depending on one’s need, a person may engage himself in a regular set of prayer routines, or adhere primarily to a single set of prayers.

Some individuals may move around the house, going to God first in the morning, and inviting others to share in prayer with them.

Others may find time to pray only when certain events occur, or at certain times. They may discover that prayer is a tool that they can use, both for seasons of joy and suffering, as well as in seasons of joy and suffering.

Some individuals find that their particular prayers are answered first by a thought out of the whole universe, and then by a physical sign. They may arrive at the exact place they need to pray, or they may have the sense that they got to the place they needed to be before arriving there.

In this way, prayer can be a form of collaboration. It activates our belief that the Lord is with us when we pray, and that our prayers are heard, and can be answered in an affirmative manner.

Some face cancer or other life-threatening situations, where they may find that prayer is the only way to survive, and survive the obstacle of the circumstances they are facing.

Prayer may assist us to face an obstacle not known to man.

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