First United Methodist Church of Mount Holly
Tuesday, March 02, 2021
You belong. You matter. You are enough.

A Final Charge to a Church that Matters, Belongs & Is Enough - 6-10-18 - Pastor Donald

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In his final sermon to a beloved church he has served and come to know so well for the past three years, Pastor Donald speaks a message similar to the one which he began his journey at First UMC with: GOD is with us, stressing the assurance of God's presence as we head into new territory that may cause us fear and anxiety. Looking at Deuteronomy 20:1-4, he compares the words which priests would speak to Israelite soldiers before going into battle with the words Winston Churchill spoke to fearful troops in England's darkest hour during World War II. Just as Churchill and the priests of ancient Israel spoke words of hope and encouragement to a people facing what seemed like insurmountable odds, so Pastor Donald speaks an encouraging word of hope as the church looks ahead and leads on toward victory, whatever the future may hold, with the expectation that there will be many finer hours to come.