First United Methodist Church of Mount Holly
Tuesday, March 02, 2021
You belong. You matter. You are enough.

Out of the Chaos & Into the Light - June 11, 2017 - Pastor Donald

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The story from Genesis to Revelation and the story of each and every one of our lives from birth to death, is one that is characterized by going out of chaos and into the light. As early as the creation story of Genesis 1, we see the heart of the gospel message. For through this story, we learn that 1) God enters our chaos, 2) God takes that chaos and speaks light, and 3) there's nothing too chaotic God can't make beautiful. We serve a God who is over the chaos and who has the power to speak light even into the darkest and most hopeless of situations. May we, likewise, as God's image bearers go forth and speak life into this chaotic world wherever we go, transforming what is into what can be.