First United Methodist Church of Mount Holly
Tuesday, March 02, 2021
You belong. You matter. You are enough.

When God is Silent - July 23, 2017

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The sermon text (Psalm 88) is interspersed between verses of the song "Trust and Obey" and objections/counters to the words being sung are given between each verse of song and segment of the psalm. Delving into what is perhaps one of the hardest psalms to swallow, Pastor Donald offers up the desperate plea of the psalmist and offers up Mother Teresa's crisis of faith in comparison with it. In the face of such silence and darkness, what are we to do? Pastor Donald urges us to 1) keep addressing God, 2) have a stronger "why," and 3) know who God/Jesus is to us. He then calls/challenges us to remain faithful even in the face of complete abandonment, however long or dark our dark night of the soul may be, a faithfulness which is testified to and modeled most powerfully in the cross of Christ.