First United Methodist Church of Mount Holly
Wednesday, April 14, 2021
You belong. You matter. You are enough.

From Proselytizing to Askelytizing: Asking, Not Telling

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Kicking off a brand new series in the book of Acts, Pastor Donald invites all who listen to consider how God might be calling them to reimagine the ways in which we might be the church in the 21st century. One shift the church needs to make in its witness is to move from telling to asking. Many stereotypical images of people witnessing are those like bullhorn preachers and people who hand out tracts which pose the question of one's eternal destination. But the biggest hindrance to their work is being focused on telling and proclaiming rather than listening and asking in the context of relationships which communicate great care and are marked by a holy curiosity. It is only when this shift is made that the most impact can be made for the sake of God's Kingdom.